Friday, October 26, 2012

Conspiracy Theory Of the Week: Monster energy drinks ad campaign is "spiritual witchcraft".

  Sometimes it's refreshing to see uptight religious people worked up into a rage based on some half baked theory that if were true and proven to the masses, would not effect a damn thing. It makes me relax and realize that that first hit of acid I tried didn't turn me insane. I haven't been drifting along all these years in a weird alternate reality where everything seems rigged. People like this remind me that people who haven't touched ANY drugs are just as crazy and gullible as me.
  In this weeks episode Paul Nison, apparent Torah expert as well as epic beard cultivator, explains to you how drinking Monster energy drink will give you soul to Satan, or something...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Minimum Wage

I found myself getting really depressed after watching a youtube political ad bashing the proposed $10 minimum wage in San Jose as a "Job Killer". It made me think back to this comedy bit...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Strung Out In Vegas


-The King


"Good technique is obvious: one sits down, one shuts up and one pays attention.”


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

California Convoy


Re-issue: 1996 S/T debut


The B-sides - Unreleased Tracks

A while ago i posted The B-sides first 7", which when it first came out, led to Maximum rock'n'roll pressing their next record in a matter of months. It caused a buzz in the record collector dork community, being the first record MRR had released in a decade or more. Not long after, the band got a letter from an Italian band called The Willy Wonkas that said something like "You motherfuckers are the coolest motherfuckers ever, let's do a motherfucking split 7 inch motherfuckers". So the b-sides recorded their half, mailed it to Italy and sadly, never heard from The Willy Wonkas again. A while later Rory gave me a copy of the tracks to use on a compilation of bay area bands that never came out. It almost did, I got scammed by a guy on AOL claiming to be an employee of a pressing plant who could an employee discount an wanted to help DIY bands. It was easy to be gullible in the earlier days of the internet.


Why you bulshittin?


Hard Rock

I cant remeber if I posted this or not. I just found a draft of this from a long time ago.

Sympathy For The Angels

Once I get a new keyboard, Ill gladly talk your ear off about Altamont, I have a level of enthusiasm for the subject usually reserved for civil war re-inactors or Betty Boop fans. I've transfered all the live tracks from a certain documentary about The Stones, The Hells Angels, and the infamous disaster of a concert. Lots of inebriated out of tune rock!



Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Free Pussy Riot

So I'm stil stuck with a crappy keyboard but let me outline what you need to know about pussy riot.

 1. The all girl Russian band set up in a cathedral last month and proceded to play songs denouncing Putin and the lack of separation between church and state.
 2. They were promptly arrested and as of today each member has been sentanced to 2 years in prison.
 3. Young russian women are now rioting and battling the cops. Oh yeah, did I mention the band sounds kinda like a cross between The Exploited and Angelic Upstarts?

Pussy Riot - kill The Sexist

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dead Man


Playaz N The GAME

Two triple cheese, side order of fries.

It's been along time since my last post, but this stupid silicone keyboard  makes typing a painstaking task. For the time being I'll post new new stuff without descriptions and maybe fill it in later.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fiddy Milli'n

Although this four song EP is the only thing they've put out  in the past 6+ years, Fifty Million deserves a medal for the only mission band that survived the 90's and the copious amount of methamphetamine in the bay area at the time.  If you haven't heard this band, just imagine if Guided by Voices just cut the shit and started rocking.

The Coggs

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mission: Failed

I remember coming to the mission for the first time in the late 90's. I friend and I drove up to mission Records to try to get them to buy a few copies of our bands shit, and later Los Rabbis was playing in a park near by. Back then it was a seedy underworld of gangs, open air drug markets and crack ravaged prostitutes. The ideal environment for broke musicians. There was a wealth of good music at the time, but that seemed to be the tail end of it. I'll spare you the long winded depressing rant about what happened between then and now, I'll just say it ain't what it used to be.

Notreno - Disc 1

Sureno - Disc 2

Throne of Bone

Although the name is a little cheesedick (and taken from a Magic card) thier music is far from it. Saw these guys at a warehouse here in SF a few months ago and they were the best band of the night. These bro-hams pull from the best aspects of death, doom and black metal and have some killer tone at thier live shows.


finky binks

"Pretty boy all your clothes fit right always a reflection of clear complexion dont even know the meaning of the word rejection pretty boy get out my way always talkin about let's go smoke a J no that's not what I want I want a fucking blunt pretty boy shut the fuck up get off my jock i'm the only not a pretty boy chillin on my block fucka pretty boy I put you out on loan pretty boy mothafucka always on the telephone gimmie back my samich gimmie back my goddamn samich"


Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments were an amazing band from Columbus Ohio. This beautiful chunk of noisepop/punk sounds like a cross between the more tender side of FYP, The 4-track charm of 50 Million, and the songwriting of pavement.

Negative Guest List